August 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

In the beginning the blog was without form, and void

There are many thoughts that pass between a person’s ears, which are not readily shared in the moment they exist, due to isolation, appropriateness, or preoccupation.  This does not make the idea any less valid, any less deserving of consideration.

Ideas are fascinating in that they have a limited shelf life.  If left unrecorded, they will eventually be lost to the ether.  If left unshared, the idea’s potential is at best slowed, at worst starved.

To this end, I write.  To record the ideas and thoughts that might otherwise be lost.  To expose those ideas to the light of day that they should be spread, or stifled, on their merits.  This will likely be boring to most.  For that, I make no apologies.


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